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Over the decades of selling beautiful properties in the Napa Valley, one of the first referrals that Jacqueline is asked for is someone to caretake when the homeowners are not in residence.  A large majority of luxury homeowners in the Napa Valley do not use their properties on a full-time basis. This is how Homeowner’s Concierge was founded and over the years Jacqueline would hand over her valued clients and their properties to be cared for and managed. 
Things go full circle in life and when Jacqueline was approached to help find the right person to take over HC it was apparent this was the right time to bring Homeowner’s Concierge in house and under her umbrella of real estate talent.  
Privacy, trust and discretion are paramount in Jacqueline’s business, as her clientele is composed of many high profile and net worth individuals.   The most trusted people in her life are her partner, Don Bevins, and her daughter, Rachelle Arnaldes Mudaliar. Rachelle and Don have an impressive background and skill set in business, facility and team management as well as both having the practical skills needed to navigate through daily problem-solving.
We want your experience coming to your Napa Valley property to be positive, fun, and seamless - let us customize our menu of services to your individual and property needs.

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Call Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Don Bevins: 707.999.7972

Rachelle Arnaldes Mudaliar: 707.831.0781

Work With Jacqueline

Jacqueline possesses the sophistication to handle the wide range of situations that real estate agents face in today’s market, while her business background has helped her to develop the exceptional communication and problem-solving skills that an agent needs to be successful.